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On October 31, 2020, Estonian Vein Clinic doctors have had a workshop, that was held with the cooperation of our international partner neoVlaser.

The Infinite Ring Fiber from neoLaser, is the first-ever fiber for EVLA with cylindrical emission, providing enhanced uniformity of energy application along the vein wall, no sticking, and as a result, reduced thermal trauma and potential complications.

The laser used was the neoV1940, providing energy at 1940nm, a wavelength with ultra-high absorption in the vein wall, allowing vein closure at lower power and lower dosages, further reducing side effects.


This surgery was the first-ever application in Estonia of the Infinite Ring fiber in combination with the neoV1940 laser, a combination of technologies that is unique to neoLaser, available only on its platform, and represents the most advanced technology available today for EVLA.


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